N E W M U S I C 2 0 1 8 …

A Curious Creature For Sound…

(Welcome the sound of Gabriela Eva)

‘I’m so glad I played that’ – Giles Peterson

‘Gabriela Eva i’m opening the gates of BBC Introducing to you, Because that was amazing’ – Ollie Winiberg

Eva played live on BBC London – ‘Fantastic’- Robert Elms show

Gabriela Eva the neurodiverse nomad appeared in the veins of London 2018, she moved from her Essex bound life to rebirth in the neo soul jazz pop awareness. This year she released her Debut EP ‘Rise Up’.  Giles Peterson showed his gratitude on BBC6, BBC radio London, and BBC Introducing, Rise up is rising universally.

Jazzy infused guitars, electronic spacey pads and samples, ubiquitous blood beats and alternative vocals lay the foundation influenced by neo soul, dance and a hypnotic live energetic band performance. The sound accelerated from powerful female role models from the 90’s, but piggy backs a contemporary sound that only the most sharpest tecky creatures can deliver.

Gabriela’s futuristic organic aesthetics is a strong and bold statement binding within her sound.
Although this dreadlock music enthusiast began writing from her baby roots before reaching double figures, in the last few years she has finally found many producers (who would take on her daring songwriting) and delivering her music.

Gabriela Eva has performed internationally from Shanghai, Central America, Aisia and Europe. Unveiling her Debut self released E.P ‘Rise Up’ in 2018.

Tour coming soon…